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07 February 2016

I wrote for my previous client GEOTEM Ingeniería S.A. de C.V. in Mexico City a small MATLAB-GUI to convert EDI-files from Magnetotellurics (MT) to the right input-format to run inversions with the free and open-source 2D inversion MARE2DEM. It is out of reach for small engineering companies to be sponsor of a consortium like the Scripps Seafloor Electromagnetic Methods Consortium. We are therefore very grateful that they make MARE2DEM open-source and freely available to the general public. Carlos Pita, the owner and general director of GEOTEM, agreed to release Edi2Mare as free and open-source software, just as MARE2DEM; big thanks to him! We hope it is useful to others, and welcome improvements and bug-fixes.

You can find Edi2Mare on GitHub, published under the GNU General Public License GPLv3.

What follows is a screenshot of the GUI, and an excerpt from the README-file on GitHub:



Edi2Mare is a little GUI to help you to convert EDI-files into the correct format to run inversions with MARE2DEM. Its development has been sponsored by GEOTEM Ingeniería S.A. de C.V. (http://geotem.com.mx) in Mexico City, and it has been released to the public under the GNU General Public License V3. So far it has only been used with files created with ProcMT and with WinGLink.

  • MARE2DEM is a parallel adaptive finite element code for 2D forward and inverse modeling for electromagnetic geophysics. It was developed with funding support from the Scripps Seafloor Electromagnetic Methods Consortium, http://mare2dem.ucsd.edu.
  • ProcMT is free and open-source software to process MT data, provided by Metronix Geophysics, http://geo-metronix.de.
  • WinGLink is a multidisciplinary software program developed to process, interpret and integrate several geophysical disciplines in a unique interpretation model, developed by Schlumberger http://www.slb.com.

Some warnings:

  1. Edi2Mare was programmed in the Linux-version of Matlab R2012b. It was not tested outside this environment (not with other versions of Matlab nor on Windows/Mac).
  2. Edi2Mare was created to solve a problem. However, there is lots of room for improvements. If you find Edi2Mare useful, and have the time to improve the code, then please go ahead!
  3. Edi2Mare was only tested with *.edi-files from ProcMT, and *.wln-files from WinGLink.


With Edi2Mare you can:

  • Prepare *.edi-files for Mamba2D and MARE2DEM; Edi2Mare will create the file *.emdata, which can subsequently be loaded with Mamba2D.
  • Correct for Static Shift by using TEM-data; automatic estimation is possible.
  • You can use *.wln-files, exported from WinGLink, instead of *.edi-files.
  • Adjust the altitude of the receivers, Z-shift (MARE2DEM requires that all receivers are in the subsurface).
  • Define the inversion-line (0-point and angle) and select the receivers for this line.
  • Select the frequency-band that goes into the inversion.
  • Deselect bad data.
  • Define error levels.
  • Show Robert L. Parkers D+ approximation.