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Dieter Werthmüller

Dieter Werthmüller. Geophysicist.

You can get in contact with me on LinkedIn, or leave me a message. Have a look at my blog or some of my research. (Here you can find my Mexican Blog, in German.)

Click here if you are using email encryption and are looking for my OpenPGP key (read more about email self-defense).

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I built this static website with Pelican (by Alexis Metaireau and contributors). Have a look at my first blog entry if you want to know more. The download area looks great thanks to h5ai (by Lars Jung and contributors). I hope the page renders nicely for you. However, I did not pay any attention to backwards compatibility. It is only tested and best viewed in a modern browser.

CC0 1.0 Universal (CC0 1.0): Except where I explicitly noted otherwise, and to the extent possible under law, I have waived all copyright and related or neighbouring rights to werthmuller.org. Feel free to use, modify, and distribute as you like!