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Matlab GUI example

17 September 2014

A brief entry regarding a new file I put on my GitHub repository, exampleGUI.m. It is a small and rather extensively documented Matlab script for a basic GUI, containing the following elements:

  • New project
  • Save project
  • Open project
  • Radio buttons
  • Drop-down menu
  • Check-boxes
  • Edit field
  • Updating text
  • Slider (loops around)
  • Plotting area

It was a very quick hack for a client to get people up and running that have never before written a Matlab GUI. The script was written and tested with Matlab R2012a, on a computer running 64-bit Windows 7. I will not be able to give any updates or assist with potential debugging, as the project with this client comes to an end soon, and I will be without Matlab (and Windows) thereafter (the joy of code written in a proprietary language; however, thanks to my client who generously gave its OK to put this script online; I think it might be useful to a wider audience).

A screenshot of the simple GUI, showing the different elements: exampleGUI.png