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emg3d and 2019 roundup

07 January 2020

The year 2019 passed quickly, and even though 2020 started already here a short roundup of the year. My highlight of the year in terms of open-source geophysical software is definitely the release of emg3d, a matrix-free multigrid solver for 3D electromagnetic diffusion with tri-axial electrical anisotropy written in Python. emg3d_summary.png

2018 roundup

22 December 2018

Before this blog completely dies the death of many blogs, an intent to revive it by briefly reviewing 2018. Many things related to empymod (book, article, digital linear filters) but also a bunch of other things, such as a 3D slicer in matplotlib. 2018_summary.png

empymod, revisited

20 June 2017

The project around the electromagnetic python modeller empymod grew bigger than anticipated. Here a short summary of what happened since my previous blog entry. empymod_summary.png


30 November 2016

The electromagnetic python modeller empymod can model electric or magnetic responses due to a three-dimensional electric or magnetic source in a layered-earth model with electric anisotropy, electric permittivity, and magnetic permeability, from very low frequencies to very high frequencies.


01 October 2016

A Python wrapper for FFTLog, a logarithmic fast Fourier transform (FFT) in Fortran.


07 February 2016

If you are dealing with Magnetotellurics (MT) and are using the 2D inversion routine MARE2DEM, you might be interested in Edi2Mare.

Travel Maps

06 June 2015

Using basemap (with a modified xkcd-style) to create global and local travel maps. basemap_summary.png

Check the dimension of a pdf-figure

30 September 2014

The dimensions of a pdf produced by matplotlib have not necessarily the dimensions you would expect. Here is a semi-automatic way how to check and adjust the output dimensions.

Fill a grid with colour

25 September 2014

A little function with which you can fill a grid of regular or irregular spacing either with colours or with a single colour and transparency. fillgrid_summary.png

Move scientific notation

18 September 2014

Move the scientific notation in a Matplotlib figure from top to the side; includes some primitive web crawling to get data for the example. move_sn_y_summary.svg

Matlab GUI example

17 September 2014

A Matlab GUI example containing most elements to get you up and running if you plan to write a Matlab GUI from scratch.

Plot a circle on a figure with unequal axes

17 September 2014

Plotting a circle with Matplotlib on a figure can be tricky if the figure axes have different dimensions. The customised function circle removes that hurdle. circle_summary.svg

A basemap example

10 September 2014

A basemap example, including accessing some of the wealth of public domain data. basemap_summary.png

Aftershock series

03 August 2014

An introduction to the aftershock series of blog posts which are to follow. And a brief run-down of the installation of the corresponding IPython notebook environment.